Titanium (+) Dioxide Naoparticles

Titanium (+) Dioxide Naoparticles

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Product Number: 110TP


Description: TiO2 nanoparticles, stabilized by poly(quaternary ammonium). Available in 100 ml,
400 ml and 1,000 ml sizes, or can be supplied in solid form upon request. Scivention's Titanium Dioxide (+) nanoparticles demonstrate excellent photocatalytic properties and are stable over a wide range of pH. They are ideal in applications requiring stable, ultrasmall, water-dispersible, amine-functionalized TiO2. Sciventions TiO2 (+) nanoparticles can be conjugated to other materials EDC (carbodiimide) coupling chemistry.

Spec Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

Appearance: Colorless, transparent suspension
pH: 7-8
Particle Size: TEM 1-10 nm (90%)
Metal Content, by ICP: > 97% TiO2 (metals, excluding Cl)
Structure, XRD: Anatase crystals
CAS Number: 13463-67-7