Silver Nanoparticles

Silver Nanoparticles

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Product Number: 108SI


Description: Carboxy-functionalized Ag nanoparticles, stabilized by sodium polyacrylate. 1-10 nm particle size, 1.5 mg/mL suspension in water. Scivention's Silver nanoparticles has a distinct and characteristic plasmon peak for easy detection. It is ideal for applications that require ultrasmall, waterdispersible silver particles. Scivention's Silver can be conjugated to proteins and antibodies using EDC (carbodiimide) coupling chemistry. Use preferably under neutral conditions.

Spec Sheet

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Appearance: Black suspension
UV Absorption wavelength: 420 nm
pH: 5-7
Particle Size: TEM 1-10 nm (90%)
Metal Content, by ICP: > 97% Ag (metals, excluding Na)
Structure, XRD: Crystaline Ag
CAS Number: 7440-22-4