Silver Hexagonal Nanoprisms

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Product Number: 209HP

Prices shown for each plasmonic peak are sold in 10 ml volumes at a concentration of 0.1 mM. For different concentrations or larger volumes please contact us at

Description: Scivention's Silver Nanoprisms (AgNPr) are monodisperse hexagonal nanoplatelets with highly controlled diameters and thicknesses. These particles are thiolate-stabilized and have a high degree of monodispersity, with better than 10% and
15% standard deviation in lateral size and thickness (<1 nm variation) respectively. The nanoprism width and thickness are well controlled, resulting in highly tunable plasmon resonance peaks. The nanoprisms can be self-assembled into closely packed stacks with a column structure similar to discotic liquid crystals. With dry nanoprisms, an overall 107 SERS enhancement was achieved with ligands removed via oxidative plasma treatment, measured using a common 5,5’-dithiobis(2-nitrobenzoic acid) probe.

Spec Sheet

Material Data Safety Sheet

Appearance : Red to purple, depending on tunable plasmon peak
Particle Shape : Hexagonal plates
Range of available plasmonic peaks : 500 - 700 nm
Range of available Particle Size :  Thickness: 5 - 15nm; Diameter: 30 - 110 nm
Concentration : 0.1 mM Ag
Solvent : Water
CAS Number : 7440-22-4

Product Concentration of Ag Longitudinal Plasmonic Peak Particle Diameter Particle Thickness Volume Price
Silver Nanoprism 0.1 mM 500 nm 30 nm 7 nm 10 mL $275
Silver Nanoprism 0.1 mM 550 nm 60 nm 9 nm 10 mL $275
Silver Nanoprism 0.1 mM 600 nm 65 nm 11 nm 10 mL $275
Silver Nanoprism 0.1 mM 700 nm 90 nm (est) 10 nm (est) 10 mL $275
Silver Nanoprism 0.1 mM 750 nm 110 nm 9 nm 10 mL $275


Other concentrations and sizes are available upon request. Please contact us at The expected shipping time for specially requested particles is two weeks.

These particles are created according to the procedure described by "Monodisperse Hexagonal Silver Nanoprisms: Synthesis via Thiolate Protected Cluster Precursors and Chiral, LigandImprinted SelfAssembly", Cathcart, N, Kitaev, V.; ACS Nano 2011, 5, 7411.