Silver Nanoflowers

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Product Number: 208SF

 Prices shown for each faceting level are sold in 10 ml volumes at a concentration of 0.1 mM. For different concentrations or larger volumes please contact us at

Description: Scivention's Silver Nanoflower particles (AgNFls) are highly symmetric multifaceted prismatic silver nanoparticles. They offer symmetric and sharp silver edges that are ideal “hot” spots for optical applications including SERS, optical heatings, and photovoltaics. AgNFLs have been shown to be the best of all Scivention's nanoparticles for SERS enhancement, achieving enhancement factors of 4.6 × 108 and 425 for dry solid films and aqueous dispersions respectively. AgNFls are tunable to laser wavelength for resonant SERS. Furthermore, nanoscale asperity size can also be tailored. These particles are available in low and high levels of faceting. Please contact us at if you require other sizes, concentrations or shapes.

Appearance : Clear to beige
Particle Shape : Nanoflower Multifaceted prismatic shape
Plasmonic Peaks : Complex and broad
Particle Size, TEM :  Diameter : 130-2250 nm; Thickness : 5-50 nm
Concentration : 0.1 mM of Ag
Absorption : 2 OD/cm
CAS Number : 7440-22-4

Product Concentration of Ag Faceting Level Volume Price
Silver Nano Flower 0.1 mM High 10 mL $375
Silver Nano Flower 0.1 mM Medium 10 mL $375
Silver Nano Flower 0.1 mM Low 10 mL $375


Other concentrations and sizes are available upon request. Please contact us at