Polystyrene Latex (-) Nanoparticles (sulphate)

Polystyrene Latex (-) Nanoparticles (sulphate)

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Product Number: 206PNM

Prices shown for each particle size are 50 ml polystyrene latex nanoparticles at 2.5% w/v. For different concentrations* or volumes please, contact us at sales@sciventions.com

Description: Polystyrene nanoparticles are synthesized through using an optimized polymerization process that results in highly monodispersed particles with high yield and quality. Scivention's polystyrene nanoparticles are negatively (sulphate) or positively (positively) charged, with particle size distribution <5% of mean diameter, and they can readily be suspended in water with concentration of 5% w/v.


Spec Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

Material : Polystyrene
Particle Shape : Spherical
Charge : Negative (sulphate)
Average Diameter :  180 nm - 1200 nm
Dispersity : < 5%
Physical Form : Aqueous solution for charged particles and solid for neutral ones.
Volume : 50 mL (for charged particles, powder also available upon request*)
CAS Number : 9003-53-6

Sciventions polystyrene particles are individually characterized to ensure quality and consistency. Each bottle is accompanied with full characterization documentation. Please select your product from the drop down menu below.

* Powder also available upon request. Please contact us at sales@sciventions.com